Memory Card (Back Me Up) Ft. Jordanna

by Mykele Deville

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Save the game. Love is real. Back it up.


Secrets for sips of Sauvignon
We sacrifice the sunlight by shifting tone
With smoking squares and
Smiling soaking in the subtle silence
Our fate be patient
treat the present as our sacred alignment
Separate but intertwining
contradictions climbing
on some fly love shit
We choose the ones we want to wear
We choose the ones we want to fit
like switch that bit about possession kid
Go be yourself
Just drape my trust around your glowing skin indestructible totem in the harshest wind
Karma done camouflaged like chameleons and blended in
Conjoining our futures into this moment
Hold it
inside your chest like precious breath
Or take mental picture
For real I'm witcha
as faithful as scriptures


Save this moment like a memory card
Just back me up
Just back me up
Just back me up

Jordanna's Verse:

Now babe I gotta tell you oooh
You know I love you, wanna run right back to your arms the day I met you like
How you make me feel so lucky,
Cards comin' up in my favor, know you're doin' something to me
Gonna keep you from the start to the finish, wanna playback the beginning
Got me like ooh la la
Wanna me you like ooh la la

Singing verses from phoney songs
Conceived in our collective domes
That got the kinda power that makes
the jazz a little jealous
Switching back and forth from station to static
Improvisational frantic
Cant trace our love unless you listen to it separately
Desperately trying to understand the patterns of the steady hand
Arpeggiate my needs and let the loyalty crescendo
Secret notes and innuendos play my heart like a Nintendo
Lower the window let them hear us down on lake shore drive
Our paths be endless but be entertaining
Sharp lefts when we be weaving into different lanes and loving the self.
But know this moment
Is our perfect center
Gravitate and vibrate
you know im witcha
as faithful scriptures


Jordanna's Second Verse:

I wanna ride away with you, wanna give you my all
Making you the big picture, gonna give you my heart
Let 'em know that you're with me from the very start
No matter what you do, I'm gonna see you through


released December 8, 2016
Produced by Tony Piazza
Engineered by Brok Mende
Recorded at Audiotree



all rights reserved


Mykele Deville Chicago, Illinois

+Poet Rapper+
+Chicago +

I was born.
A pebble.
A pestilence.
The sickness
in the rock,
it formed
a skeleton.
Crystalized thoughts,
with melanin.
The sands
in the clock,
They tick
and they tock,
ya dig?
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