Chasin' Rallies (Produced By Colin Mulhern)

from each one, teach one by Mykele Deville

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the bodies stand in unison, proclaiming my worth, for all passerby's to be halted, and realize i am here.



2 Amerikkka's but 1 me,
Now where you think they making safety a priority?
Never where my majority lives,
that is, if they really ever get to live, for real,
the cops hunting me this season like it's time to grill.
Just a friendly pat down with intent to kill.
A little pressure on your neck so you'll admit the guilt
of living and breathing, put a top to that by squeezing,
slave catchers run amok,
fraternity of chosen heathens...

Ponder: An organization built to catch me, to trap me, by any means deemed necessary also wants my trust, empathy, and to humanize their right to continued existence?
even as they murder me for fear, stay silent when I scream, they demand to be seen as the protector of my dreams?

You can take a step back, one time.
Don't need that type of protection that be coming with a catch.
If I obey what you say, just abide,
Im reaching for my registration, partner may pop me on the driver's side.
Do they police like that up in the valley?
Had me running from intimidation, now they got me chasin' rallies.
The only pavement that I'm seeking is the highway,
stopping that Lake Shore traffic coming my way.
The bodies, wrapping around be screaming "BREATHE"
simple fact i forget in a city lined with thieves of life
so sad, have to justify my right to fight, extermination
while you're stalled at the street light.
So pay attention. You see my people down there on a mission.
You may be inconvenienced but just stop and listen.
We want justice for the innocence that died,
it's a question not a battle cry, not a battlecry.



Now I'm scared for real who do I tell?
Can't call the blue and red's they probably throw me in the jail
and that's just if I 'm lucky.
Didn't do the crime
but i'm black
and my hair is funky.
Lil' boy you fit the profile living in the wild
like beasts unidentified by civilized eyes
you're target practice for aggression growing bolder with time.
Grab the guns turn the body cams off
no one will ever see the shot
the ones that took his head off so lets high five...

Ponder: Are these killings of black and brown bodies more prevalent because of the current state of unknowledge in this country or has it always been that way?
Is it normal to think about this everyday walking to the store, or at the movies, or passing a squad car? We are far from normal.

Never great, never great, never was.
How can you when pumping communities full of drugs,
sic the dogs on, put the law on em, long arms
protecting the privileged inside their bubbles from the harm.
How sweet, sensibilities get maintained.
Status quo, white fragility and black pain,
man I swear this happened before,
just want to make sure this don't happen no more,
I put my body on the line in solidarity.
Try to control the perception that i'm threatening and mass produce,
media blackout of the coverage trying to falsify a truce,
forming a noose and only pulling tighter,
can't speak if I cant breathe,
now this protest starting to look more like a riot and you wonder why.
We won't be silenced any longer by your lullabies.
We want justice for the innocence that died,
it's a simple question you should answer not a battlecry,
it's not a battle cry.


from each one, teach one, released August 27, 2016
Colin you're a beast.
Chris Lee is God.


all rights reserved



Mykele Deville Chicago, Illinois

+Poet Rapper+
+Chicago +

I was born.
A pebble.
A pestilence.
The sickness
in the rock,
it formed
a skeleton.
Crystalized thoughts,
with melanin.
The sands
in the clock,
They tick
and they tock,
ya dig?
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