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Super Predator

by Mykele Deville

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*Harmonies* (Verse) Mama cooking dinner on an earth day. Sister in the kitchen looking thirsty Brother with a lover tryna run and hide. Focused on the voices that I here inside. Fighting, the gloom, the lightning, the doom, I cant tell time when my minds consumed. I am not me when my fear balloons. I am not myself. I am some self else. And I never realize when I come to, depression dripping in through the sunroof. Confessions from your kin that'll hunt you. Messages from friends that don't love you, love you. Perception tends to bend in a bubble, so who you reaching to when the truth gets in trouble, i minimize the view so I can see the whole puzzle, I never was confused that I'm uglier than you, yeah that's ugly but it's true. Dismissed to my room on the regular. Black sheep missing social beats so they scared of ya. Pisces with the tendencies of hysteria, Blame society for anxiety, Then my momma speaks: Jolene: Did you realize your best investment is yourself? Don't you realize you just need a little help? Can't ya see that your blackening your mental health? Burning all your inner wealth, turning to nobody else. (Verse cont.) That hit me hard like a brick sack. Easily she makes a fiction fact, before I feel attacked. Then back to the blackboard of my souls, wash it clear noticing the fear hoping she can make it: (Chorus) Go, Away. Hey, hey. Make it Go. Away. Hey, hey. (Verse) Papa in the kitchen on my birthday. Uncle talking loud with that wordplay. Cousin with a bottle on the underside. Lost all my thoughts but at least I tried. Fighting, the gloom, the lightning, the doom, I can't tell time when my minds consumed. I am not me when my fear balloons. I am not myself I'm so when my fear balloons, I am not myself I am some self else. And I never feel the shine when it comes through. The essence in my mind starts to mildew. The pressure of the times in my rearview. Depression takes a while but it feels you, feels you. Acceptance always hides behind a double so who you reaching to when your lies become a puddle. I bend the silver spoon when my mind begins to muddle. He never left a bruise and now I understand abuse Yeah thats ugly but it's truth. Climbed up to the roof on the regular flighty with the psyche so they're scared of ya crises in your light-beam from hysteria blame society for anxietyThen my momma speaks: Jolene: Did you realize your best investment is yourself? Don't you realize you just need a little help? Can't ya see that your blackening your mental health? Burning all your inner wealth, turning to nobody else. (Verse cont.) That hit me hard like a brick sack. Easily she makes a fiction fact, before I feel attacked. Then back to the blackboard of my souls, wash it clear noticing the fear hoping she can make it: (Chorus)
(Intro) Self destruction, were headed for self destruction. Self destruction, the only path left unless we decide to: (Verse) Wake up! Wake up! Life's on the move. It's never gonna wait for you to shake the blues. You hesitate you lose Never choose to be immobile. I feel like I 'm working with half and not the total. Cause these dreams, dreams, are splatting on my forehead. And seem to take the shape of leaders lost to blood shed. What does it cost to trade places with your idol? And could you take the weight without becoming suicidal? It's just a title, keeping us all bitter rivals in this rats nest of competition, capitalism twisted. Am i witness or have I become complicit in this, perpetuation of a blood pact, an ancient fiction. So whats a brother to do without a choice to pursue? Gather my strength from a few, History wants to pursue, And take the first step to fixing what was broke, its a joke if you think you're woke without attempting to provoke: (Chorus) Yourself. Nobody else. Attack the ego, put it on the shelf. You gotta understand the freedom of worth and get that TRUE liberation. Make moves and stop waiting, no faking. Persist. It's self defense. Against the tyrants in our midst. They want us limp. Don't need permission to resist, I'll take the hit, Simply for raising up my fist, May I exist? May I exist? Without protection, ohh.. Without your bullshit perceptions, ohh.. Not tryna be your reflection, ohh.. Just want to carve new directions, and go and go, and go. (Halie's Verse) (Chorus) (Outro)
(Intro) M: Yo Trig, Why don't I feel like I don't belong? T: And when we fuck up we always sing the same old song? M: And if the system is against us How can I move along? T: Where did we go wrong? M: Yeah, where did we go wrong? (Chorus) From the Micro, (Ugh) To the Macro, (Yeah) to the homie at the show selling that sack, where you at though? Stress is building for the building lady the old heads on the block stuntin' like its the 80's it's crazy. (Verse) Nowadays the universe is inconceivable bad fads fill the wispy waves of life and human strife be in abundance stomachs rumbling hunger twitchy fingers grow number seem to warn us, drag us all asunder why do we wonder, molecular blunders: commonplace you fall asleep we take that precious sweet from off your plate good luck is never timely if you late then get behind me think we waiting for a sign, see but the truth is often blinding, binding breaking alignment to worship a hypochondriac watching each other even cameras in the laundry mat hateable, tradable, sensible is debatable living that lie from on high now that's relatable money and dominance pervading in our consciousness attracted to the pillars of mirrors reflecting narcissists I think we've come to far to split this nation with a Marxist twist Socialist motions, healing potions killing nonsense. I just want to share bro, FUCK possession bro FUCK ownership, we gotta heal TOGETHER. (Chorus) From the Micro, (ugh) To the Macro (yeah) To the homie homie at the show selling that sack where you at tho? Survival's getting a little hazy, overshadowed by the battle to remain lazy. It's crazy. (Trig) From the Micro, (Ugh) To the Micro, (yeah) To the homie at the show selling that sack where you at though? Brother's lost screaming somebody save me. Fathers locked up Who's gonna raise Brenda's baby? Its crazy. (Trig's Verse) I guess I lost it a long time ago, I was young and dumb, slinging rocks and selling the blow, twisting fingers with my homies, you already know. Stealing cars, cracking cards gotta get this dough, reap what you sow. Now I'm sitting behind bars, looking at the stars, wishing I can teleport to Mars, cause I can't fucking stand where we are. And I ain't even talking bout this damn prison, talking bout this damn state of mind that we all live in. That shit's tempting. What am I supposed to do? I was brok and hungry and I had a .22 and the videos I watched mad it look fun too. And my daddy ain't around so motherfuck it dude, it's cool. So I ran up. Shawty put his hands up. Told him to run everything, on the mans's bruh, I'm tryna get my bands up, you gotta feel me. He said whatever lil' nigga please don't fucking kill me! I got a family and this whole thing is fucking silly. We both black and we all sing the same old song. Oh there go them sirens. Where did we go wrong? Where did we go wrong? (Outro)
my head is open to waves of raindrops a breeze blows through the blades of grass like heavens sunday and I lay in the green as an infant with no troubles repeating myself. I smell the water approaching its such a human thing to recognize your parents and I am unwanted in a beautiful way. Light smiles on me too much outside in the open air. I wont acknowledge. dripping from the tip of the stone dropping from the top of the sky is the liquid that made me dreams dreams dreams splatting on my newborn forehead running into the edges of my ears and back into the soil of this rock. the crickets grow lowder God opens a beer and listens in his recliner chair as i lay face down in the mud as his aborted feeling just a result after the birth and I am just as beautiful as him. sands swirl and offer options of illusions and I take one, my favorite one, and grow up. Thats the only way out. And believe me, I want out.
(Verse) Winging it. Existence is pretty meaningless, without a secondary script sunk into the holster of your hip. I find no pleasure in false treasure, I gave a dollar to my one follower, and missed the last bus. Fuck. Im slinging spit while looking up, and feeling them bones tense beneath my knuckles. My spirit buckles, but never falters. I wane and dip beneath the alter, to gain that tertiary sight, alright. Let's see what I'm about and if the LOVE remains devout then I continue on my route sowing them seeds in all the mouths of strangers. Potential dangers shift colors in the brains of lovers. Instead red becomes magenta, a hint of, baby blue, I know its, turning my cypher on it's side to get that message through. Maybe you're underestimating my investment to you, or unaware that when I say you I really mean me, sovereignty. (Chorus) Messy. Human destiny. Can't you see, Can't you see, that I'm down on my knees. Begging you to help, yelling please. Humbling myself for your energy. Are you even there? Can you hear me? Am I talking to the self Or the entropy? (Verse) It's funny. I never thought to go for money. This land is crowded enough as it is, Without another shiester draining life from an open wound. I wanna provide But all I do is consume. I walk for many moons, Tracing faith within my molecules. Bragadocious in the face of science, My compliance makes me complicit, In all this evil shit you did But I guess I missed it. Never listen to the unworthy, That's what you sold me, told me. Repeating lies just to keep my feet from stopping. Lowly option turned a prophet, Built a palace off a coffin, Soften, In the light, Of the dark, Feel the spark, On your skin, Melanin, Must've been, My only warning. I feel a yearning as I taste the tips of bushes burning. I can't discern if I'm just useless, Clinging to excuses. But whatever. I trust you're really clever. And when I say you I really mean me. Sovereignty. (Chorus) (Verse) Spectre, Waving your life like a septor, Remember me from when we used to scheme on the block, Pitching dreams to the flock, Telling scenes from that stock story. The taste of glory, Was never that far, From our lips. Equipped with that pretentious of youth, Attracted so many, While slowly curling twirling the truth. We bulletproof or at last we thought we was and then we got distracted by them lightning bugs, them flashes from the cameras. I think I lost my stamina just tryna keep up, as you continued sipping glory, steady filling your cup. never enough we grew the great divide and said we'd split up all our stories in the afterlife, and now I guess that moments here and I can't decide, if you were ever really her or was it always me.... ever really here or were you always me. (Chorus)
(Intro Poem) Jovan: I was gonna last in the end (end) I was gonna last the 10 years (years) I was gonna last the 50 years (years) Can we listen to this later on and say its still relevant? It always brings tears to my eyes cause Im sick of all of it And Im sick of all the good ones dying Im sick of all the good ones dying from trying Pick up the torch Make it to the finish So we can always stay winning.... (Verse) No more excuses for these institutions, too rigged to fail, making billions off my persecution, they're building jails and the churches and the liquor stores on a grand scale, can't even tell me what I'm guilty for anymore, BANG, BANG! Uneven shots rang into another young frame, a coverup, got too caught up in a rappers chain swang. Distractions to keep me inactive and lost in abstractions, while the other faction learns to take the knife to my throat, a killer toying with his human coat, will i survive or even thrive, is there a flicker of hope, when in captivity? My best guess would have to be, Yes! so my proclivity to panic, Imma have to address. so i can stand with the ones who ain't afraid to express, that it's the system not the symptom, refuse to take another victim! Nothing changes when you waitin' on time. The only change that really matters takes place in the mind, homie. (Chorus) *The first change, it takes place in the mind.* Brothas. *The first change, it takes place in the mind.* Sistas. Frist, change. Revolt. First Change. Revolt. First change. Revolt. Momma's *The first change, it takes place in the mind.* Papa's. *The first change, it takes place in the mind.*First, change. Revolt. First Change. Revolt. First change. Revolt. [hook] You know what you got to do!/ You must start a revolution!/ You know what you got to do!/ It’s time to start a revolution!/ (Jovan Verse) We’re here to start a revolution, you thinking it’s convoluted/ Fight against the constitution, get on board and stop polluting/ I’m influenced by the nuisance, my words in which I am fluent/ And I believe that if you know the language, you should use it./ Articulate is what they say ‘bout me, fuck those that doubt me/ Who will you be without me, I have good vibes that surrounds me/ You know that I’m just, just tryna make a difference in the world/ With my little talents: For the brown girls./ The first-thing-takes place in your mind/ When you think about it first, it will manifest in your life/ All you gotta do is try, and keep your head to the sky/ One of the many things that I learned from the late Left Eye/ If I ever start a war, it would be forcing unity/ In our communities, removing all the stupidity/ If you’re an artist, artistry comes with responsibility/ Use with all your might, your insight, and your agility/ (Chorus) (hook) (verse) Don't need no cautionary tale from a young black male, just peep the lesson. America's the crook, let's try to force a confession. Apathy is key, in this game of possession. They're hacking at my knees to try to halt this progression. Viewer discretion advised, in this relapse of time. Static signals fucking with your mind, and the tape on rewind to keep the best of us blind. Check the last date, the crime rate ain't declined, homie. It's all phony, they want to think that we're from the bottom. Even erase our principles so we're not sure we got em. Doing damage with that heavy artillery. You fight a beast you bound to lose some civility. So let me learn ya. Use you're mind as a burner. Realize the lies and utilize your own eyes, hey. Don't be a slave to those fuckin' dead prez. Fuck Rahm & Anita Alvz, we gotta get them out, and re-route all their serpentine agendas. To keep the woke ones, like you and I splinterd. Lets not pretend to, pat a pup on the head but its a wolf with it's teeth blaring, hungrily staring at your dignity. You're not my enemy maybe my brotha or my sista, you might be kin to me, I rather hug you like I missed ya. I rather hug you like I missed ya. But first: (Chorus) (hook) (out)
(Intro) Counterfeit Madison: what a funny thing to sing, because in all reality only a fool would fall for me oh, i don't know oh, i don't know (Verse) Got me dissecting what I'm worth. I breathe for your acceptance though confession think I'm lesser than the treasure you deserve. And yes I got the nerve to know that ain't attractive may be backwards to getting to the center of your earth. So I try to keep steady form Know I'm already torn just lost in my inner storm And whether you notice fading light just like a feather I drop from view when you come through because you tend to make the raindrops a little wetter Or should I say tears? Combatting all of these fears in private moments did you notice? were you hoping Id be open? My mouth won't let me do it Sipping that silent fluid Lips as tight as nooses In my grayish blueness Slight confusions them potholes from the past Seem to stop me in my tracks Don't want a brother to advance Building my castle with these shaky hands On quaking sands I fight with last luck My sense of permanence is fucked And yet you manage still to find me Spark a good that's left inside me Start to comprehend alignment Got me working on refinement Then again my brains reminded My unstable situations Can you take it? Was I faking? I don't know Truly I don't know (Chorus) I beat the odds and still I said sabatoge. I play the game and in the end it's all the same. I recognize that we connect in past lives. I doubt sometimes but maybe now you're my sign. I don't know (×24) Combing the wreckage for pedastals Found the best one instead of you Know that's trechourous so do you Cause you're not asking me to do that Simple lapse when I'm infatuated Basking on your fascination Sniffing around for your adoration Ugly habit that I'm changing Or at least I'm trying to no triumph My love is David your Goliath Look at me without a stone Roaming home all alone with this doubt upon my dome I feel defeated Almost depleted So of course my ass retreated Take the easy way out And from your life I'll be deleted That's conceited Yeah I know That's self involved A pity show Don't need protection Loves a weapon I get lost In self deception til I'm wrought In misconceptions Yes that costs me my direction But you manage still to find me Spark a hope that's left inside me Start to comprehend alignment Got me working on refinement Then again my brains reminded All unstable situations Can you take it? Was I faking? I don't know I don't know (Chorus) I don't know (×24) (Outro) Counterfeit Madison: but I must reiterate that i cannot fall asleep and i'm stuck with counting sheep, thinking about you
(Verse) Weary, and I forgot my name time twice today. It's silly. I think city's in the ceiling. Spent my night trying to spot the place. The hours oscillate. I want to sleep, but what if they over populate. The floorboards creak and I could sell my soul for cereal, no feeling in the toes as cold as old concrete. Eyes deepened with them dark rangs. The shadow sprout fangs. The ghosts grow louder, The ghosts grow louder. There's not a parachute for downward spirals, worshipping dizzy idols. Hope they exist between this mist and the melatonin. Zoning in my waking coma, praying that I'm no longer, hearing them cries that become lullabies, but the sirens alert the silence the food rots in a bowl on the table, today I'm just not able, to give out any confidence, or prominence, or dominance, it's bottomless, my cognizance, what the fuck is the opposite? (Chorus) Teko: I can't sleep at night (x6) (Verse) Manic. And the children wear warpaint. I panic, and see the daylight in the dirt, my eyes unbound as the earth, the static shows me what Im worth, the television wasn't dead I watched it sprout arms and legs and grow a bit into it's bad posture. It stands a little awkward. The dog spelled backwards gave shivers for dreams. The screen flickers from a bloody glove, to a tranquilizer gun. Oh, how they want a docile son. Unprepared and unaware of the looming coffin, a bogus peace offering from the body staring back eyes closed but staring back and sleeping better than I ever did. I guess Im envious, I guess I'm envious. Teko: and the body, the body's in my eye the body's in my eye. and the fingers. and the fingers. are at my side, (chorus) (outro)
(Madison Shade Intro) (Verse) Quintessential 90's love, all dipped in black, my mother was. She traced the cracks without a glove, then took the smacks for all of us. My father fussed, but made that money. bowed to lust when he was hungry. broke my trust, to put it bluntly. anger rusts, now aint that funny? aint that ugly? more like vicious. time erodes emotions wishes. memories left in that kitchen. pruney hands from washing dishes. salty wetness in my vision. heartbeat leapt a mile a minute. should have kept my instincts hidden but he chose the night to finish the fight. so questions were forbidden. no protection for his children. left a welt on mommy's chin. I took the belt inside my hand and ran until I felt the night. Caress my skin as I took flight. Upon the wind just like a kite. Im outta my mind and outta sight. (Chorus) Escape like thieves into the night. The moon aint never look this bright. Erase the pressure from my life. Take some love, don't wont to fight. Blasting holes into the mic. Why is everything so trite? I'm outta my mind and outta sight. (repeat x1) Influential lady-thug, all dipped in black, my sister was. She took the flack and gained my trust She her broke her back, protecting us. gave me a whack when I would cuss. Showed me the magic in the dust. taught me respect and kept it up. but just my luck, i fucked it up, when I got distant. time would witness my decision to just split without a trace, to cause collision cause some friction cant remember what my mission was but I regret the whole division, strangers in an instant, think I felt to blame for bullshit lost myself that mentor's wisdom. playing the victim, gaming the system. for attention. Hope listen, share some common interest, take some pity please, I miss those pretty things we used to dream in the heart of the night. Apologies from lil' brother. Im outta my mind and outta sight. (Chorus x2) (Outro)
(Intro Poem) And then the earth and man were mixed. One riding the other as they both bore fruit of discovery. The will of man was bottomless and darkened. His friend, the earth, seemed bountiful and neverending; a victim too valuable to remain unmolested. A certain incarnation of man came swirling from the bowels of itself, seeking to take claim of the undiscovered and unearned in order it's likeliness throughout history. The ghostly skinned. The holy automoton. The Harvester. (Verse) Clear my cells for the conquest, ring the bells for the contest, empty war chest like a vortex weighing heavy on my soul. Not about the gold but the legacy. My fair-skinned pedigree is Destiny, The peasantry has to be Ebony... Hungry God in the distance, hear him in the waves of you listen, voyaging for days, be a good Christian, Let us pray, what he say? "Feed me my son, then wait for the greatness to come. Skeptics sacrificed by the ton..." Fertile world for the taking, gotta get the hands for the making, let us shake the weak as they're waking, just crowd em' in down below. Whip them til'that row with direction, tell them that their pain is a blessing, lessons for the beasts... See a brave one, mayhem, get a switch watch me break him, see the light in his eyes die slowly, I'm the only, the holy, the chosen to take you and shape you, teach you that there's nothing to escape to, YOU BELONG TO ME.... Do you have a real language? Do you have religion for your anguish? Do you have a name or purpose? Are you worthless? Praying to the dirt like a savage, history confirms my advantage. Mavericks they bow at my feet. They're the crop, I'm the reaper, make them be ashamed of their features, tame them so they understand procedure, for the centuries to come. I'm obsessed with the oppressed, screams in the symphonies of progress, drown it out with success... Jolene's Solo: Folks do not weep, barren tears on fruitful cheeks. Soil caked brown skin with salt still streakin. Tomorrow we're at it again hard hands pullin throned softness. Been in the storm too long. Been in the storm too long. Lord what is mine, can't find mine. Been beat till I bent, but I ain't never stayed down. (Shared verse) Why are we rowwing? Where are we going? I miss the yellow sun. Air in my tiny lungs. Brother where did you go? Sister don't breathe no mo. Mother went up to the sky. Father I saw him die. Only see family friends Ridding in unison. Who is the man at the front? Ready to kill for the hunt. Skin as white as snow. Raising the whip for blows. Eyes like cancer. Can't understand my words. Stop this disaster. Yessir Massah. Yessir Massah. Yessir Massah.


released May 14, 2016

Produced by Mykele Deville & Alex Palma
Engineered by Alex Palma
Recorded at Palma Studios at The Dojo


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Mykele Deville Chicago, Illinois

+Poet Rapper+
+Chicago +

I was born.
A pebble.
A pestilence.
The sickness
in the rock,
it formed
a skeleton.
Crystalized thoughts,
with melanin.
The sands
in the clock,
They tick
and they tock,
ya dig?
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