Peace, Fam

by Mykele Deville

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Verse 1: It's 7:46, Im at my window crushing love into this morning spliff, just watching the doves & seagulls. White birds mingle and crowd my empty ledges, not absurd, we all float higher to reaven and feel the reverence. Inhale the essence, blow it away. Poner on many lessons learned creating God in a day. X's and O's, sketchings in my journals of prose, my margins screaming marginalized, I think I'm getting better with the eyes. Flip the pages, track the progress. We done came a ways from minimum wage and filling projects, honest to goddess fam, we got this. Expose imposter prophets with a peace offering, Hoping it rinses the grease up off him, leat we trying something. New solutions help the story unfold, bystanders keep the story on hold, find the roots in the soil of your soul, dirty fingers in the earth grab hold: (Chorus) Soul, Growing like the rose in the snow Yo I know, They told us that's impossible, that's just an obstacle like when your mind under matter, defy yo own laws of nature, you can edit the chapter. Just let your soul, glow. Growing like the rose in the snow Yo I know, They told us that's impossible, that's just an obstacle like when your mind under matter, defy yo own laws of nature, you can edit the chapter. Verse 2: Look, Mothers on their way to work, and brothers with them baggy shirts, and corner stores on neutral turf, and uncle drinking plastic bottle whiskey, add the filthy and the few, it equals you, and homie with the golden tooth who always screaming from his stoop, yo. Hungry babies, bag ladies, hipsters dressing like the 80's, bang the music they would play me singing la-di-da-di, fathers armor-all-ing tires on the big bodies, sisters sneaking out the back to try and make the party. Gangstas out there telling jokes, and preachers tryna sell you hope, and plays craving loos smokes up in them stairways, and brothers marking on the wall cause it's fair game and little sister writing poems on her birthday: we got this, we are the authors, the culture doctors, so we create the peace we want to see instead of profit, we can stop this, generate some options, and let our heart take hold: (Chorus 2x) (Outro)
Damn, Can't a brother just stroll through the park with his headphones on when it's dark, with his hat tipped low and a mouthful of spark, Jill Scott in his ear with some love in his heart? Uh. In the city that depends where you at huh? If you're light skinned, puerto rican, or black, what. Mexican denizen in his backyard. Brown woman in a headscarf. Let my colorful people free float, at least give us two like shooting free throws. West to the south no shooting, please no in the C-H-I-C-A-G-O, We need some epiphanies for the peripheries, we can treat our lives like a symphony, a little empathy instead of infantry, throw some love on the beat, high-key high key. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee, oh peace to the most high, King Ali, teaching skinny little black boys just like me gotta think on your feet gotta think on your feet, Hey! We can see another day if we maintain, feel the force of the left and the right brain, grab hold til you learn how to take aim, pop the knowledge, fuck a loan for college. We can be ourselves in this panorama. We ain't gotta front like we all Obama. Rock a grill with a suit when you're downtown too, kinky hair don't care who you scare, yeah. Take up space with intention, everybody gonna have to learn to pay attention, yes alright might cause a little tension, but won't beg to forgive my existence, dig? Seems so little but the truth is big, Don't need to guess what the symptom is, Bet together we can find a cure, We can save anything worth fighting for, i this trumped up battle of a culture war, unite to fight for rights not the same as yours. We can be the dream that the King used to think about, Hold hands and expand now everybody screaming out: PEACE FAM! PEACE FAM! GONNA TAKE THESE CHAINS OFF ME! DO THE SAME FOR MY FAMILY! SPREAD THE LOVE SO WE CAN ALL GET FREE! PEACE FAM! PEACE FAM! PEACE FAM! GONNA TAKE THESE CHAINS OFF ME! DO THE SAME FOR MY FAMILY! SPREAD THE LOVE SO WE CAN ALL GET FREE! We must try, you know why, we'll never get by, if we lie. We must try, you know why, we'll never get by, if we lie. Stay alive. Peace - Freedom from civil disturbance or violence. Freedom from or the cessation of war or violence. Used as a greeting. A state of quiet tranquility. Fam - You. Is it wrong to just believe? Do you think I'm being naive? Wanna stop my chosen fam from grieving, grieving. Have we just tried to conceive, visions that we receive, we always dream but not achieving, achieving, of course we can pull it off, yeah, take pride in some radical self care treat your friends like you treat yourself love their smile never loven their wealth if youre wrapped up tight let your soul unwind, know first change takes place in the mind REVOLT, yo we're the one's that's in control all in together we're powerful. Finding the calm is an art, wild brush strokes will ease any heart, just breathe, sharpen the mind with serenity, see what you want but take what you need. Is it wrong to want reprieve? Do you think hope is naive? Want to keep my little brother breathing, breathing. Can we just tried to believe the theories that we speak, we always dream but never screaming, screaming (Chorus 2x)
Intro) Them black boys carve pain into their backs Spending youth hiding panic attacks Taught to worship self annihilation and keeping that secret in tact Just choosing to live be a radical act, its real and dont I know it Verse 1: I sit alone in my four cornered room staring at candles Tagging repression I couldn't handle like a vandal Depression got me searching for where the signal scrambled I need to pinpoint I roll a thin joint But then i think, is this alleviation? Or just another way to numb and keep my feet escaping... A shackled slave tackling runaway thoughts Dont know what to do if i caught one Negotiating patience on the outskirts of plantations "I wanna live, I wanna try!" The thought be yelling up to me with panic in its eyes it buys some time Disguised as reflection I'm staring straight into a message: Ancestral psyche was neglected then affected. Shit I know it ain't no mystery. Black & Brown retain the pain of human history Abstain from seeking help It may be tainted by a system made to help me hate myself So fuck some therapy Don't need no charity I cant afford it lord And now disorders got me sketching branching storyboards Different agendas, mood shifting I'm getting slender My anger speaking foreign languages, Cryptic dilemmas I cant decipher feeling trapped like im on Rikers Island Just wanna start the dialogue yall Its hard to do it through these brick walls Mental cement halls we tend to get lost Just wondering, hovering over pitfalls I try to think upon my great ghosts They must've had to find some peace to keep from losing hope Critiqued the scope of genius Black brilliance sold as fiendish You cant be great unless you battle with some inner demons That's how they sell it right? (Chorus) They say he angry like Mingus, baby Probably manic like Thelonius Monk Look how his pride shrunk Eyes shut Is he about to get violent? Yo why he screaming, never smiling? (Repeat) Verse 2: This trauma generational, passed down, irreplaceable. Entangled in the roots survive that we inspirational lopsided ratios its a thin line between breaking cycles and taking lives, we dancing on it. The rhythm romantic, the river of madness overflowing, The feeling is frantic, just being alive moment to moment, knowing you ain't really got no help when the city making clubs out of centers built for health yo that's bullshit. But we ain't new to this we true to this creating bliss, there be some hideous beauty inside the crevices, our preference should be relieving where the pressure is, we not nobody's fucking specimens, our vulnerability ain't a liability, we have to find that utility in our sensitivity, it's all we got I try my best to have the right exchange, cause when I look up in the mirror I want to see change. its real but: (Chorus 2x) Verse 3: Echoes in my mind saying keep it quiet. Echoes in my mind tryna stop the fire rising but I'm non-compliant. I can't control when I burst, drink attention like I'm thirsty, it hurts me. Im swelling with that paine mane. I think America's against me tricked me saying Freedom v. Liberty then pumped me full of false identity. Yo of course I'm hearing voices, no choice, just hone in on the one the one that's screaming: PEACE! please get your brother out them streets yo PEACE! please get your mother out them street yo PEACE! please get your sister out them streets yo PEACE! please get your neicey out them streets with PEACE! please get your nephew out them streets with PEACE! please try to do it with these beats like PEACE! please tell the truth when you speak like PEACE! please help the youth cause they you, yo PEACE! please stay alive know it's hard find PEACE! please know you're loved that's a start find PEACE! please take some time for yourself find PEACE! please put the pride on the shelf find PEACE! Find Peace 5x
Once upon a time or twice if you didn't listen, a brother broke formation to follow his own ambition, a secret mission, clandestine like Snake Plisken. He trailed behind the pack he let them go and that was that. It's hard to say when he noticed his shiny difference, an ancient intuition that threatened his old position like, deep in the spirit, right? Something was calling The vision of a wildchild howling at the moon foul. Feeling fresh like I rose from the concrete. Muddy flesh but I'm sunkissed honestly. A solid tree and viably just might start a new dynasty with my team. Figure that I fuel the growth with my dreams Plant seeds on a breeze of a thought in my head, photo-photo synthesis, we break bread with an emphasis on staying fed, never hungry. Never gave a fuck about the money., green paper burning in a pile by the hundreds and its funny what you really thinks valuable. Final goal: stay malleable, Im loving me til I'm infallible. Interdimensional intersectionality, cross connect communal dialect combat the bleak, plotting missions, creating definitions, you know them silly superstitions need a reinvention, so listen or miss it, this Peace that I'm equipped with, conditions the wicked, eviscerates the sickness with the quickness, like magic to mystics, I conjure comprehension, tap the brain light, shock therapy to misfits, as I dispense with artistic linchpins, them villains better send some henchmen, cause I'm just getting warmer. Temperatures rose like hot combs on the stove, you know the way the games getting told so, yo: Attention listen a message of great significance, the aliens have finally landed in our midst but this is not a science fiction flick for skeptics to dismiss again, We have witnessed it, by god we have witnessed it. Is god even listening? Thunderous feel, just spittin the real proclaimed that his name was Deville, then the ground started shaking, the makers started making, the breakers started breaking, and the fakers started hesitating. His natural force tapped into a healing source, of course his voice had lost a few deaf ears, let them drink them tears, cause the mothership ain't never waiting, you want aboard start levitating, meditating. You know escape gon be yo best investment, he came to leave a message, of that unadulterated black excellence. Who the best, who the best here? A black man took raised his hand, took a stand, there was no fear. You leading the conversation, you leading the congregation, you're leaving no complications, whats, whens, or worries. Start the ship up in a hurry, Deville slapped him a five, then flew off to outer space, keeping wonder alive.


Peace - Freedom from civil disturbance or violence. Freedom from or the cessation of war or violence. Used as a greeting. A state of quiet tranquility.

Fam - You.

This album was written in three weeks and recorded in one.


released April 6, 2017

Song Backing & Accompaniment: KiKi Layne, Mckenzie Chinn, Sam Trump, Tony Piazza, Brok Mende, Trig

Audio Engineer: Brok Mende

Recorded & Engineered @ Audiotree


all rights reserved



Mykele Deville Chicago, Illinois

+Poet Rapper+
+Chicago +

I was born.
A pebble.
A pestilence.
The sickness
in the rock,
it formed
a skeleton.
Crystalized thoughts,
with melanin.
The sands
in the clock,
They tick
and they tock,
ya dig?
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